A Family of Seven Years and Counting

photo-1450088323702-8bce64113310Nine-year old foster youth Adam has been in the same home since he was two. Seven years ago, Adam was referred to Hearts & Homes for Youth with his two sisters. The three siblings were removed from a home where they had experienced severe neglect and abuse.

Thanks to you, Hearts & Homes for Youth was able to place the siblings together in a two-parent foster home and they quickly became a family. Hearts & Homes for Youth provided training, advocacy and support for the foster parents, and the parents continue to do everything in their power to support the children and help them heal.

All three siblings are still under the same roof and Adam continues to receive Hearts & Homes’ supportive services. Adam has fetal alcohol syndrome and experienced traumatic brain injury as a baby, which has resulted in behavioral issues and intense emotional needs. Hearts & Homes Therapeutic Foster Care Program provides support to Adam and his family to help him grow, develop, and learn how to manage his needs.

2FB8C48AD1Adam is in a private specialized school that provides services to meet his educational, behavioral, and emotional needs. He is finishing up third grade at a year-round program where he will continue classes over the summer, and will then transition to fourth grade. Adam is very smart and very talented. When he is not in school, Adam enjoys playing the cello. He loves going to Sunday School and he loves taking care of animals. He and his family live on a farm where they raise goats, chickens and pig. Adam especially loves taking care of the goats and the pig.

Adam is a kind, funny, and smart kid with a great memory. It’s because of amazing individuals like his parents, who welcome foster youth into their homes, that Hearts & Homes for Youth is able to help wonderful kids like Adam!