A forever home for Antoine

3Kids are placed in foster care for a variety of reasons, some simpler than others. Antoine is one of the simpler cases. At age 14, Antoine was placed in foster care after his mother was incarcerated. Antoine was placed in the home of our foster parent Ms. Williams, where he has been now for over seven years! Ms. Williams is always in his corner and has vowed to be there for him always. He fondly refers to her as mom, and she calls him her son.

Through his relationship with Ms. Williams, Antoine has learned how to trust people and has developed an understanding of healthy relationships. Her support has also helped Antoine develop his self-confidence and sense of worth. Antoine is a great kid, currently studying at a community college and working part-time at a clothing store in Georgetown. He enjoys boxing and tried out for the U.S. Olympic team.

Last month, Antoine aged out of the foster care system. For many foster youth, turning twenty-one is not the happy and exciting time their peers experience filled with new things and much desired independence. For many foster youth, turning twenty-one brings up fears, uncertainties and doubts about their future. However, Antoine has built an unbreakable bond with Ms. Williams, and she has given him a forever home.

You can change a life. To learn more about being a foster parent, contact Maureen Rodgers at mrodgers@heartsandhomes.org