Annual Mother’s Day Event – May 15, 2017

The Annual Damamli Mother’s Day Event is an opportunity to celebrate our young mothers and to provide them with a nice dinner and some spa-themed goodie bags.

The young women in our care have faced many challenges in their lives and many of them grew up in foster care. They are learning how to parent their kids without repeating the trauma and abuse they suffered, to be better parents and create better tomorrows for their children.

If you would like to support this special Mother’s Day celebration, we would be grateful for your support! We need your help filling swag bags for our young mothers with:

  • Lotion
  • Nail polish
  • Body wash
  • Hair/nail gift certificates to salons in the Baltimore-area
  • Other pampering items

Please contact Maureen Rodgers at if you can contribute to the swag bags and support our young mothers on this special day. We greatly appreciate your help to make a brighter future for these young mothers and their babies!