Becoming a Foster Parent

Thank you for your thoughtful interest in fostering! The gifts of love and sacrifice that you are considering providing are immeasurable!

Check out this video to learn more about HHY’s foster program!

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The foster care programs offered through Hearts and Homes for Youth provide temporary care and custody to youth dealing with emotional difficulties in our Family Ties Therapeutic Foster Care Program and our Damamli Teen Mother Program, which serves teenage mothers and their children.

Youth can experience severe personal loss when separated from their families. They have lost the most important people in their lives – their parents, siblings and friends. They have lost their sense of belonging, their familiar living routines and everything that they’ve become accustomed to in their world. Entering the new environment of your home can be stressful for a youth, but will also have an impact on you and your family. Becoming a foster parent is not an easy decision, nor one that should be entered into lightly. Fostering a youth or teen mom will be hard work should you decide to accept the challenge. Yet what better gift could you give then the opportunity to provide a stable, loving home where a young person can be nurtured and given the tools that they need to live healthy, productive lives and where deep scars have an opportunity to heal.

Characteristics of Foster ParentsFosterMom&Child

Our most successful foster parents:

      • Like children
      • Are prepared for surprises
      • Use open communication
      • Have good emotional survival skills
      • Will advocate for the child when necessary
      • Can cope with rejection and anger
      • Realize that not all problems can be overcome
      • Enjoy the challenges of parenting
      • Can express love and trust
      • Can handle stress and change
      • Have a sense of humor
      • Have a flexible lifestyle
      • Have flexible expectations
      • Have patience and a desire for learning and self-growth
      • Can accept a child with a history

Foster Parent Supports

Hearts and Homes for Youth offers the following supports to our parents:

  • Pre Placement training
  • Frequent Home visits
  • 24 hour crisis intervention
  • On-going training
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Family recreational activities
  • Respite Relief
  • Financial compensation
  • A community of peers

Frequently Asked Questions

The decision to become a foster parent can often come with a number of questions; please click on the link below for some frequently asked questions about fostering:

Foster Care Frequently Asked Questions

Attend our Foster Parent Orientation

Thank you for your interest in providing such a special gift to a youth in need. We look forward to meeting you in person at  orientation. To find out when our next orientation is scheduled, please click on the following link:

Orientation Schedule

Directions to our Offices

Columbia Hearts and Homes Office Directions


To RSVP for an upcoming orientation, or for more information please contact our Assistant Program Director:

Maureen Rodgers
Assistant Program Director, Hearts & Homes for Youth Foster Care Programs
5550 Sterrett Place Suite 200
Columbia, MD 21044