A Loving Foster Family

heartThe Lovings have been foster parents for 28 years; 16 years with Prince George’s County Dept. of Social Services and 12 years with Hearts & Homes for Youth. They have had over 100 foster youth placed in their home over the years and remain as dedicated to fostering in year 28 as they were in year one.

The Lovings have seen the climate of foster care change over the years and observed the youth in care having a much higher level of need, but the Lovings look at this challenge as an opportunity for them to grow.

In speaking with Mrs. Lovings about their experience fostering, she said:

“People go in to this thinking about the changes that they are going to make in a child’s life but often get discouraged when that change isn’t happening before their eyes. These kids have been through a lot and even though you might not see them change while they are with you, you are helping that child’s future.

“People need to stop thinking this is only something you are doing to help the youth, the kids we have had, have made as much of an impact in our lives as we hope we have made in theirs.”

Hearts & Homes for Youth is grateful for foster parents like the Lovings who open their hearts and homes to youth who need a stable, supportive, and caring, homelike environment where they can start building brighter futures.

Our foster parents are a team of emotionally strong individuals who will advocate for a young person in need. They are patient and comfortable with a changing environment, and willing to accommodate to meet the needs of the young people in their care. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

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