Princess Party 2016

The Princess Party is a magical night put together by staff and volunteers, to give the girls and young women in our care an opportunity to feel like Princesses!

The girls arrive at the event, not knowing what to expect, and they are welcomed to the Princess Party! A volunteer partners up with each girl and helps them pick out a dress, shoes, and accessories, Then the girls are led to a room where volunteers do their hair and makeup.

The girls enjoy food and sweets donated from local businesses like Squisito Pizza and Pasta!

It is incredible watching the girls smile a little more, stand a little straighter, and amazing to seem them let go and have fun! Just as you think the party couldn’t get better, Markita Bryant, Miss Rhode Island United States 2013, arrives and adds a new level of energy to the party. She teaches the girls how to walk the runway, show their personality, and be proud of who they are!