Helen Smith Girls’ High Intensity Group Home

Helen Smith Girls’ Home, tucked away in historic Takoma Park, Maryland, is a long term program which houses eight adolescent girls. Through intensive counseling, the girls receive the needed guidance to negotiate the tricky terrain of girlhood and the difficult issues that may arise. They are encouraged to examine their choices and shown how to become a change agent in their own lives. Through diverse programming and with the help of consistent, professional staff, the girls build solid skills and are allowed to grow through the appropriate milestones and to prepare for the transition to adulthood.

This home is named in honor of  Helen Patricia Zirnite Smith.


Eight adolescent girls, ages 13-17, from throughout the state of Maryland


  • Program uniquely tailored to meet the needs of adolescent females
  • Individual, Family, and group therapy; building strength of personal identity, providing self-esteem and confidence
  • Psychiatric Consultation and Medication assessments
  • Art Therapy; individual and group
  • Anger Management
  • Educational advocacy and support, tutoring and college prep
  • Case management, coordination for health services, substance abuse treatment, family therapy, and additional necessary services
  • Recreation and constructive use of leisure time
  • Life skills training to support self sufficiency and independent living
  • Employment development and placement with potential career development
  • Length of stay is typically long-term (9-24 months)


Program Manager: Rhonda Outen

Senior Counselor: Lucinda Hamlin