“Friend-raiser 101” Guide

As a Hearts & Homes for Youth Advocate you are an integral part of who we are!  This means that we count on you to help us spread the word about Hearts and Homes’ programs, events, and initiatives.  A Friend-raiser is very simple way to spread the word about Hearts and Homes.


It is a small event or individual interaction where you personally introduce your friends to Hearts & Homes. Through your efforts, we hope your friends will become friends of Hearts & Homes in some way, whether through time commitment, asset sharing or financial support, volunteering, or hosting their own Friend-raiser.


  • Private Party / In-home Dinner: Audience: 5-10 friends, family and/or individuals who may be interested in Hearts & Homes for Youth
  • Individual interaction: Audience: 1 person + yourself and a Hearts & Homes staff person
  • Hearts & Homes event: Audience: 2- 3 friends that you invite to a Hearts & Homes event


  • Select a date for your event and email cward@heartsandhomes.org
  • One week after your submission, your ‘Friend-raiser Kit’ will arrive. This will include conversation starters, decorative ideas, a sign-up sheet for your guests, and FAQs.  Invite your friends/family to the event. Some great ways to invite guests include: Facebook, evites.com, and traditional invitations.

For your promotion, feel free to use this paragraph to explain what we do: “Hearts & Homes for Youth vision is to create a nurturing environment in which young people are protected, heal from abuse and neglect, and are provided with the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. Their mission is to empower young survivors of abuse, neglect, and trauma with support, advocacy, and counseling to prepare them to make positive life decisions and become independent adults.”


  • Share your personal experience with Hearts & Homes for Youth
  • Share information about Hearts & Homes with your guests.
  • If they would like to learn more, have your guests sign up for additional information using the “sign-up” form
  • If desired, send your guests home with a goody bag.

If you are interested in hosting a Friendraiser, please contact us at hhyinfo@heartsandhomes.org

Thank you for being our ambassador!
We could not do it without you!