Alliance Partners

Hearts & Homes for Youth is supported by numerous partnerships within our community. Some of our Community Partners support our organization and the kids in our care through monetary donations, in kind donations, holiday gifts, school supplies, countless volunteer hours, and so much more. We work with other Community Partners to share resources and to provide our kids with unique experiences to support their growth and development. Together, we are investing in the children and teens in our care, and the community at large. We are proud to name the following individuals and companies as our Community Partners:


Jack Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald Auto Malls
Scott Fixell, Case Management
Jeff Donohoe, DONOHOE
Mark Futrovsky, Rolyn Companies, Inc.
James Washington
Fred M. and Terri Gober, Morgan Stanley
Mike Whitehurst, Centrus Energy Corporation
Judith Bernardi
Jeffrey Singer, QED Group, LLC
Thomas Ransom, BB&T Bank
Larry and Susan Davis
Leon Harris
Janet DeCosta

Janette Hasan
Michael Bean and Alon Seested
Amy Gleklen, Vistage
Jill Babby
Kelly Dixon, CBIZ
Patty Coffman
Barton Goldberg
Peter Fosselman
Morris L. Brown, Omnitec Inc.
Melissa Tarkett, Aronson LLC
Chris Rodney, Squisito, Burtonsville
Michael Anthony Smith, Preferred Systems Solutions
Sheila Hixson, Maryland State Delegate
Kathryn Turner, Standard Technology
Alan Schulman, The Meltzer Group
Victor Seested III and Biani Seested
Paul Stein, Stein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll PC
Denita Conway, PROVEN Management
Gerald Shapiro, Shaprio and Duncan
Don Franklin
Gary Modjeska
Bruce and Pamela Johnson
Joe McCormick
James Hellams

Adam Murtaugh
Matthew Skaggs
Sean O’Sullivan
Patrice Brickman
Marty Segal, Adams Investment Group