Every day volunteers make a lifelong difference for the youth in our care. We welcome volunteers to come once, sporadically, or on a regular basis. Volunteers can prepare a workshop, tutor, talk about their career path, lead an activity, support us at an event, or interact with our youth at an activity. Our trained staff is always available to answer questions, assist with the materials, and support you!

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How it works

You must complete a background check to become a regular volunteer. Contact us at hhyinfo@heartsandhomes.org to learn more about the process. Once you’ve completed the full background check, you can begin volunteering. By giving your time to youth who have faced adversity, abuse, or neglect, you can change a life.

Need more information?

To learn more about how your, your group, or your company can volunteer, contact us at hhyinfo@heartsandhomes.org or click here to see more opportunities to take action!

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