Each child or teenager in our care writes a “Wish List”. If you volunteer to become a “Wish Maker”, we will send you the name, age, and wishes of the child you choose to help. Some groups adopt a household full of children, while others give a gift or two. Any help you give would be wonderful and will send a message of care and support to our young people.

Helpful Tips:           

  •  Do not feel obligated to fulfill the entire wishlist. Anything you can to help the children would be wonderful.
  •  Please do not wrap your gifts, but gift bags are greatly appreciated. Label your items with the child’s name and program name.
  • If you bundle gifts into boxes or plastic bags, you can just use one label for all.
  • If you are donating gift certificates, please put them in a sealed envelope.
  • We can arrange pick-up of the gift donations if needed. If delivering gifts, please deliver to:

HHY, 3919 National Drive, Suite 400
Burtonsville, MD 20866

  • All donations should be received by Friday, Dec. 17, 2021. If this is not possible, please call.