A note from a mother

Recently a mother of one of the youth in our care wrote a thank you note to a Program Manager, Ms. Rhonda Outen at Marys Mount Group Home, where her daughter resides. She wrote:

FullSizeRenderDear Ms. Outen,

I don’t know if the families let you know, but I want to personally thank you for giving our kids much needed advice, for shaping the future generation, and for showing our lost kids the way. I know that you have put your heart and soul, made plenty sacrifices over the years, and helped us as parents sleep easy at night knowing that they are safe and in good hands. Also, I really appreciate the kind, uplifting words that you always express to me and bringing my daughter back a changed person.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, MB

This mother’s daughter recently graduated and is a few days away from being successfully discharged from our program. We are proud of her, we are overjoyed that her mother is proud, and we are gratified to know that our efforts are appreciated and are making a difference. Check back for a follow up article with more information about this young woman and her mother!