August 2020 Happenings

Your help is needed more than ever as we navigate the new reality of living during a pandemic. More children are entering the child welfare system, thus we have a need for more foster parents who can provide kids  with a loving, safe home and help support families and our community.

Join us for an inspiring evening online as we raise money to help the children in our  Foster Care, Group Homes and Independent Living programs. Discover all that Hearts & Homes has to offer and be part  of building a brilliant future for a child!

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We’re Proud of Jason!

This month we successfully discharged one of our Avis Birely residents after 5 months with us. When this youth first arrived, he was understandably frustrated with his situation and was struggling in many facets of his life. He was skipping classes at school, he was experiencing tension in his family relationships, he was experiencing a distrust of others, and on top of all of that he was a new parent. Instead of sitting in his frustration, this youth challenged himself to use his time at Avis Birely to improve his situation. Upon his discharge, this youth had passed his summer class with a B, worked hard in therapy to improve his communication with his mother, and completed a parenting program to help guide him through fatherhood. The amount of hard work and focus that this young man demonstrated in such a short time was amazing and we hope the skills he gained while at Avis Birely help him as he navigates his bright future!

Madison Too!

We’re also proud of Madison who graduated from high school and is on her way to Southern Maryland Community College!

Summer Fun

What did your kids do this summer to stay occupied? It was challenge keeping teenagers busy during the pandemic when they were confined to their homes. Below are some things our kids did to keep busy this summer.

Garden Update

Look what our garden has produced! We’re super excited to see the success of this project. Our JumpStart guys are enjoying the fruits of their labor!