Kemp Mill climbs to practice mindfulness!

20150412_131410The focus of Mental Health Awareness week is mindfulness and at Hearts & Homes, we believe recreational activities are a great way to practice mindfulness. Recently our young men from Kemp Mill went rock climbing. The challenging and leisurely sport is a great way to give your mind and body a workout, practice listening to your body, and clear your mind.

Recreational activities are vital for the health of body and mind. We regularly provide the youth with recreational activities such as sport training, group games, going to the gym, and other activities. The various recreational activities help youth learn how to deal with stress, learn how to participate in organized activity, develop confidence, improve coordination, get a positive self-image, and recognize positive lifestyle choices.

If you ever have trouble dealing with stress, we recommend getting some fresh air, take a walk, and if you can, go rock climbing and you might reach new heights.