Director of the Baltimore City Office of Civil Rights and Wage Enforcement speaks with young mothers

1Kisha Brown recently visited with our young mothers in the Damamli Independent Living Program at their weekly Independent Living/Life Skills group to talk about her role as the Director of the Baltimore City Office of Civil Rights and Wage Enforcement.

Kisha Brown spoke with the young mothers about employee rights, laws that protect employees and workplace etiquette. She then invited the young mothers to share their ideas on how she could reach more young people to let them know about the resources available in Baltimore City. Kisha Brown also discussed her previous role as a Baltimore City Child Support Attorney.

Hearts & Homes for Youth regularly welcomes professionals like Kisha Brown to speak with the young people in our care about the importance of post-secondary education and the variety of professional opportunities there are across the state. The discussions are a unique, positive learning experience and can spark a new interest if, for example, the youth are hearing about an unfamiliar occupation or career.  The discussion can also be empowering, such as when Kisha Brown as the young women to share their ideas. The career-focused discussions encourage youth to think forward and consider options for a stable future for themselves and their babies.