Need community service hours?

yogaAre you looking to complete community service hours? We have plenty of opportunities! Hearts & Homes works with individuals, groups, like-minded organizations, and businesses to help us provide our youth with unique experiences and interactions that support their growth and development.

The activities and outings we put on for our youth aim to get them engaged with each other and the community, inspire them, develop their skills, foster their development, teach appropriate behaviors and coping skills, and reduce problematic behaviors.

Mentoring is a special opportunity for volunteers to share their time and talent with our youth. Volunteers can do everything from illuminating career paths, to engaging a group in an athletic activity, to leading a group in an art project! Write to us at and let us know how you would like to get engaged!

Volunteers also help us carry out the activities we regularly put on for the youth, including the Back to School Picnic, Kings of Style Party, and the Princess Party. The purpose of the events is to help the youth realize their worth, develop their confidence, and get prepared for school and work! If you would like to volunteer for one of our regular activities, please contact Vicki Valle at

Read here about some of the unique experiences volunteers have made possible for our youth!