Securing summer jobs!

739D74EEB8We are ecstatic for one of our boys at Jumpstart Group Home who secured a job at an auto body shop!
He said, “I’m excited because it reminds me of how much I loved working at my stepdad’s auto shop. I’m so excited to be doing this work again. I love cars so much. It’s not just working on cars, it’s a new experience with auto-body collision repair. It’s not just fixing the engine, its fixing the structure and the body of the car. I feel amazing. I feel more motivated. I went from having a cold sleeve, thinking I didn’t have anything going for me, to having a hot sleeve. It’s a big lead. My mom is going to be so proud.”
This determined young person is currently a Junior in high school maintaining a 3.5 GPA with the goal of getting a scholarship to Lincoln Technical Institute.
We are also so proud of the girls at our Helen Smith Group Home who have secured summer jobs! Three of the girls will be working at restaurants this summer, and one will be working as a lifeguard at a community swimming pool! We are so excited for and proud of our girls!
Working is a great way to develop self-confidence, a greater sense of responsibility, and learn more about their career interests! Vocational support is one of many supportive services that we provide to the youth in our care to help them build brighter futures. Additional services provided by our devoted staff of child welfare professionals includes individualized case management, therapy, academic support, mental health support, advocacy, and life skills training in a homelike environment.