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Students organize drive for Hearts & Homes for Youth!

Hearts & Homes for Youth is grateful to three high school students who rallied support and collected donations for the youth in our care!

Tyrek, DaRae, and Aaron were considering a list of volunteer opportunities for Martin Luther King Jr. Service Day provided by their high schools, but decided to create their own project to directly help others in need.

Tyrek and DaRae attend Wilde Lake High School together, and Tyrek and Aaron have know each other for over ten years; they have played football together since they were six years old, and have become best friends, like brothers. Tyrek’s mother encourages him to seek volunteer opportunities throughout the year and he often encourages his friends to volunteer as well.

The three friends researched shelters and group homes, and came across  Hearts & Homes for Youth. They valued the variety of programs provided and the wide range of counties across Maryland where Hearts & Homes provides services.  The students reached out to learn about our current needs and decided to host a drive for socks and toiletries. The team created their plan, developed roles, and began contacting potential donors.

The entire experience was very fulfilling for the students, in particular, knowing that they were helping children close to their own ages, in need.

Hearts & Homes for Youth and all the youth in our care are grateful for Tyrek, DaRae, and Aaron’s support and all the donations collected!