There’s no place like home

Presentation2This week we are getting together with our friends from UPS in Burtonsville and our friends from Fort Meade, to repaint our Mary’s Mount Therapeutic Group Home for Girls in Harwood, MD. We are grateful for their support and excited to beautify the home! We are also grateful to Home Depot in Bowie for donating paint supplies for the project!

We are grateful to many companies, organizations, and individuals who have helped us transform our group homes and program facilities over the past year. We are grateful to our friends at Sherwin Williams for giving us great prices for great paint! We are grateful to Bob’s Furniture for the incredible donation of 98 pieces of new, top quality beds, dressers, couches, and dining room sets that have transformed our homes. We are grateful to Coakley Williams Construction and their team – IBS Millwork, Capital City Flooring, American Capital Contracting, Appliance Distributors Unlimited, Potomac Mechanical Services, Phoenix Electric Technologies and Ruppert Landscape – for the extreme makeover of the kitchen and yard at our Kemp Mill Group Home. We are grateful to the Swan Corporation and Ferguson Enterprises for donating new shower panels to our John C. Tracey Group Home for Boys, which was recently renovated by Metropolitan Industries, Inc.

We are also grateful to our friends from Fort Meade who have been volunteering with us since we met last spring, helping us beauty our homes and helping our kids feel special. We would especially like to thank Sudeep Behera (Civilian), Leslie Boulden (USMC), Roshunda Brooks (USMC), David Ceja (USMC), Christopher Chan (USMC) Malcolm Curtis (Air Force), Nicholas Depriest (USMC), Katherine Emert (USMC), Aisling Feaser (USMC), Zachary Foster (USMC), Matthew Freeze (USMC), Audrey Goulenko (USMC), David Hall (Air Force), Richard Hopkins (Air Force), Brian Hylander (USMC), David Jenks (USMC), Amanda Jenks (USMC), Shuandrina Jones (USMC), Sean Lawrence (USMC), Matthew Leahy (USMC), Matthew Lookfong (USMC), Eric Lorenze (USMC), Courtney Lorenze (USMC), Christi Madrid (USMC), Malana Maher (Army), Samuel McCoy (USMC), Benjamin Moreland (USMC), Jefferey Mueller (USMC), Megan Niemer (USMC), Jameson Parr (USMC), Daniel Patterson (USMC), Helena Perez (Civilian), Joseph Quinn (USMC), Derek Regan (USMC), Jennifer Ridley (USMC), David Robeck (Civlian), Davey Rogner (Civilian) Adrian Rosales (USMC), Aquiles Ruiz (USMC), Stefan Sakowkski (USMC), John Steward (USMC), Paul Ward (Army), Larry Williamson (USMC), and Ashley Williamson (Civilian).

These individuals, who are currently stationed at Fort Meade, have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to the community and have delivered a powerful message through  their volunteerism and service that encourages others to take action. These service members have embraced our organization and mission, repainted our group homes and apartments, volunteered with our staff at the Laurel Boys and Girls Club, helped at the Kings of Style Party and Princess Party, and helped at the scholarship ceremony luncheon. We are grateful for their exceptional work ethic, positive energy, leadership, and dedication to the community and we are humbled that in addition to serving our country, they have devoted his time to serving our community and specifically the youth in our care.

We are elated to be partnered and building relationships with all of these amazing companies and individuals that are working to make a difference in the community! One person can change a life, together we are changing homes.