April 2020 Happenings

Wishing you and your loved ones safety and wellness during
this difficult time in the world.

We are Thankful!
We have much to be thankful for during these difficult times. First off, we are extremely thankful for our program managers, senior counselors, counselors, independent living support staff, and foster parents. They are true heroes for coming to work each day to take care of our kids, and are working hard to keep everyone safe, fed, and entertained! We’ve had many generous donations from supporters who care about our mission and kids. Sending out a heartfelt thanks to the following people that helped us in April:

The Law Firm of Paley Rothman – Our friends at Paley Rothman donated over 100hard to get hand sanitizers to help us stay safe.
Kingdom Fellowship AME Church – These longtime supporters of our youth donated non-perishable goods to young mothers, many who have lost their jobs, in our Damamli Independent Living Program.
Mark Futrovsky, President of Rolyn – Mark thoughtfully sent pizzas for dinner to all of our group homes. YUM! The kids were thankful!
Vietnamese American Services, Lauren Gallagher Perrella, Hazel Eguia, Anke Mann, Alison Cummings, Deanna Crouse, Ta-Keisha Smith – These individuals donated much needed masks that they were able to obtain or make.
Andrew Seested, HHY Board Member – Donated art supplies providing our youth with tools to express their creative spirit.
Jon Watkins – Jon generously donated a Wii to help keep our kids entertained and occupied.
Kayla Kania and Cindy Cruz – These HHY supporters organized a neighborhood drive collecting food, books, games and a PS3 station.
Keith Jennings & Alan Schulman, Board members – We are thankful for their generous monetary donations.

Helping Teenagers Make the Most of Downtime
The young men in our JumpStart Semi Independent Living Program came up with a great idea. They noticed an empty space in the yard and decided to plant a garden there. It’s in the planning stage now, but they are excited to get their hands in the dirt and start digging! Stay tuned for updates on their progress.

What Success Looks Like
A young lady at our Helen Smith program has successfully passed all of her classes and will be graduating high school with her diploma! When entering our program she was struggling with substance use and has been able to remain substance free for over 30 days. In addition, she is being successfully discharged and has been accepted to an Independent Living Program which means she will be living in her own apartment. She will continue to receive support in her new program as she learns to live independently.

Hearts & Homes is participating in Giving Tuesday Now, a global day of giving on May 5, 2020. If you would like to support us by donating or helping us out during the pandemic, please visit https://heartsandhomes.org/giving-tuesday/. Thank you!


Golf Tournament Update!
Unfortunately due to the current crisis our world is facing, we had to cancel our golf tournament that was scheduled for May 15 at Norbeck Country club. We will miss seeing all of our golfing friends and supporters this year, but hope to try to have the event next year when the world is in a better place.