True Heroes Live Here

We are thankful to the many people who have supported us during this pandemic. They are our heroes!

Mark Futrovsky, President of Rolyn Companies, provided pizza for all of our group homes.
Alicia Thomas of DLH Corporation had dinner delivered to the guys at our Avis Birely Home for 3 nights from their favorite places to eat.
Stacey Decker organized a donation drive for us at the offices of Education Week.
Larry Davis created a fundraising event for us on his Facebook page.
The Law Firm of Paley Rothman donated much needed hand sanitizers.
Kingdom Fellowship AME Church donated nonperishable goods to the young mothers in our Damamli Independent Living Program.
Andrew Seested, Wells Fargo, donated art supplies.
Jon Watkins donated a Wii
Kayla Kania and Cindy Cruz organized a neighborhood drive collecting food, books, games and a PS3 station.
Vietnamese American Services, Lauren Gallagher Perrella, Hazel Eguia, Anke Mann, Alison Cummings, Deanna Crouse, Ta-Keisha Smith – These people donated much needed masks.
Kevin Beverly, President of Social & Scientific Systems – Delivered his homemade spaghetti sauce and banana bread to our Avis Birely Home

The following heroes generously donated funds to help us with the extra COVID costs:

Alan Schulman, Insurance, Benefits & Advisers, Inc.
Elaine Krueger
Rebecca Martin
Lee Mintz
Keith Jennings, Snyder Cohn, PC
Dr. Judith Bernardi
Mike Whitehurst, Centrus Energy
Mark Bomster
Kathryn Turner, Standard Technology Inc.
Melissa Tarkett, Aronson
Kathleen McCallum, Ronald D. Paul Companies, Inc.
Judith Sadowsky
Liana Loewus
Ike & Catherine Leggett
Lynn Bennett
Aaron Ghais
Kinya Stewart
Michael Kurlancheek , Lime
Dr. Cyrus Katzen Foundation