Family Success Story: A note from a teen mom

UntitledThe following is a note written to Hearts & Homes for Youth by one of the teen moms in our foster care program who wanted to share how much her foster mother means to her. This note warmed our hearts and made our day, we are so grateful for this amazing and incredible foster parent. She has truly opened her heart and home to this young mom. Get the tissues!

Good Evening,

This email is simply an email of gratitude, and appreciation. Since being with Hearts And Homes, I’ve never felt so welcomed. My daughter and I were placed in Ms. K’s home, and we haven’t looked back since. Ms. K welcomed me as her daughter and my child as her granddaughter, and we haven’t felt anything less since we established that we are a family. My mother supports me, she loves me, she cares for me as a mother should. But she allows me to make my mistakes, while never leaving my side. And she remains there when it’s time to fix them. She hasn’t missed one event, she’s helped me with college applications, scholarships, essays, cleanliness, money management, time management, and so much more I can’t name at the moment. she’s awarded me for every accomplishment. And even without the rewards, the support she gives is award enough.  I just want to remind you all that you have a beautiful, supportive, awesome, encouraging, Foster Mother in Ms. K. And I would not feel comfortable nor complete without telling you how much of a wonderful person she is. Thank you so much, MJ 😘

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