Honorable Sidney Harrison donates suits to Hearts & Homes

SidneyHarrisonPhotoOp1Mark Twain said “clothes make the man” and dressing well makes a big difference at a job interview and special events. However, men’s wear is often expensive, especially for young people first entering the workforce.

The Honorable Sidney Harrison, the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, gave back to the community today by donating a number of suits to Hearts & Homes for Youth for the young men and women in our care who have overcome adversity to wear to job interviews, special events, and the upcoming Kings of Style Party where Mr. Harrison will be a guest speaker!

Staff and a young man from one of our programs picked the suits at at the courthouse in Upper Marlboro this afternoon and had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Mr. Harrison.

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Mr. Harrison is a devoted public servant and is dedicated to helping young people. We are grateful to him for contributing to their success and development of our boys’ self esteem, self confidence, and sense of worth.