Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking for opportunities to volunteer and get involved in the community this summer? Is your church, group or organization looking to plan something for the coming months or the next school year? If you said yes to either question, we want to hear from you!

There are a number of ways you can volunteer with Hearts & Homes and we’d love to help you find the opportunity that appeals to you and capitalizes on your strengths! Write to us at hhyinfo@heartsandhomes.org to set up a meeting in person or over the phone and we will discuss how we can collaborate!

We are also building our vocational training program! We encourage the youth in our care to apply for work experiences to develop career readiness skills that will help them build their resumes, learn specific occupational skills, build connections with employers who support their growth, and to learn more about their career interests. Work experiences for young people help them acquire jobs at higher wages after they graduate and are a critical part of the healing process. If your workplace offers job or internship opportunities, or if you would like to provide vocational training such as a resume workshop or mock interviews, please contact us at hhyinfo@heartsandhomes.org!